Volkswagen Touran 1T 2.0 TDI (140 Hp) DSG technical specifications

Volkswagen Touran 1T
Volkswagen Touran 1T



Brand Volkswagen
Model Touran
Generation Touran 1T
Engine 2.0 TDI (140 Hp) DSG
Doors 5
Power 140 HPW
Maximum speed 195 km/h
Acceleration from standstill to 100 kmh 10.6 sec
Fuel tank volume 60 Liters
Year of putting into production 2006 year
Year of stopping production 2010 year
Coupe type Minivan
Seats 5
Length 4391 MM
Width 1794 MM
Height 1652 MM
Wheelbase 2678 MM
Front track 1539 MM
Rear track 1521
Fuel consumption (economy) – urban 8.3 Liters/100 km
Fuel consumption (economy) – extra urban 5.4 Liters/100 km
Fuel consumption (economy) – combined 6.5 Liters/100 km
Weight 1561 kg.
Max weight 2210 kg.
Maximum volume of Luggage 1989 Liters
Minimum volume of Luggage 649 Liters
Emission standard EURO IV
Position of engine Front, transversely
Volume of engine 1968 cm3
Max power in 4000 rpm
Torque 320/1750 Nm
Fuel System Diesel Commonrail
Turbine Turbocharging (Supercharging)
Position of cylinders Inline
Number of cylinders 4
Diameter of cylinders 81 MM
Stroke in the cylinder 95.5 MM
Compression ratio 18.5
Number of valves per cylinder 4
Fuel Type Diesel
Wheel Drive Front
Steering type Steering rack
Front brakes Ventilated discs
Rear brakes Disc
Tire size 205/55 R16
Wheel rims size  
Number of Gear (mechanical Gearbox)  
Minimum turning circle (turning diameter)  
Power steering  
Front suspension Helical spring
Rear suspension The depreciated rack
Number of Gear (automatic Gearbox) 6


Volkswagen Touran 1T (2005 – 2009) – car recalls

12-02-2004: TSB for cure for excessive smoking of auxiliary heaters on diesels. Involves change in the ECU software and new fuel pipe on auxiliary heater. Any Touran owners experiencing a problem can book the vehicle in to their Volkswagen Retailer to be modified at no charge.

03-03-2005: On LUPO, POLO, GOLF, BORA, TOURAN, NEW BEETLE, PASSAT AND SHARAN (WITH 2 PUMP INJECTOR ENGINE) built 1-3-04 to 31-8-04 bolts on tandem fuel pump may break.

02-06-2005: “Volkswagen is recalling Touran 2.0 TDI models with the six speed manual gearbox to have their dual-mass flywheel checked. A fault with this component could lead to increased noise and damage to the clutch. Around 44,000 Tourans built for the 2004 and 2005 model-years are affected; Volkswagen is contacting all known owners of these models, and owners can call Volkswagen Customer Services for further information.”

12-07-2005: Tourans recalled in France to replace a bleed valve that could cause a problem with the PAS and possibly cause a fire.

05-10-2005 R/2005/091 VWTOURAN & GOLF AND GOLF +flywheel may fail WVG0001T04W044331 to WVG0001T04W177262 build dates 01/10/2003 to 31/05/2005

14-12-2009: Official VOSA recall R/2009/110/37E8 of VAG cars with 6-speed dual wet clutch DSG transmission built 1-9-2008 to 31-8-2009 because “In rare cases an incorrect interpretation of the clutch temperature can occur which results in the clutch opening unexpectedly with loss of drive.” Remedial action was to update/reprogramme gearbox Mechatronic control unit.

28-9-2011: VOSA Confirmation of Injectors Recall Thank you for notifying Vehicle & Operator Services Agency (VOSA) of theproblems experienced with your vehicle. I can confirm theinvestigation into this fault is now complete. Following detailed negotiations between VOSA and the vehicle manufacturer, VW-Audi Group (VAG) has agreed to replace all the injectors originally fitted to VAG group vehicles. If any of the original injectors has already been replaced, VAG will reimburse customers who have paid for this work themselves even if thework was completed outside of their authorised network. If your vehilce is within the range of vehilces affected then all fourinjectors will be replaced free of charge.

31-12-2011: Apparently, all VAG models with the 2.0TDI engine from around 2005 fitted with Siemens peizo injectors are subject to a recall which involves replacing all the injectors FOC. Job takes around 3 hours. A short circuit within the injectors causes the fuel system to shut down and engine cuts out.

Volkswagen Touran 1T (2005 – 2009) – What to watch out for

Reports of failure of electronics that control the seat belt warning alarm and the indicator reminder failing.

Tyrefit kit on 7 seater no use after a blowout.

Spate of problems with PAS racks, replaced under warranty. Also software problem with electro-hydraulic power steering system.

One reader reported a problem of his DSG box sticking in 3rd on 3 occasions over 24,000 miles, with consequent buzzing from the electronics. Electronics close off some of the inlet flaps to prevent volumetric disturbances setting off the alarm. This can malfunction while the car is in use, shutting off airflow into the car. Many Tourans with DSG problems sitting awaiting parts in June 2008.

During June 2007, flywheels and clutches for diesels were “on back order” (see recalls). Seems to be a very common problem. Sometimes the self destructing DMFs damage the transmission. Continuing issue December 2008. Sometimes two reports of DMF/transmission casing failures a day.

On the 1.9 TDI PD 105, if engine lube oil appears to rise, the reason may be that the injectors are leaking fuel oil into the bores. Very important to get this fixed or engine may start running on its lube oil and need to be stalled against the brakes or choked of air to stop. Alternatively it may be the ‘Tandem pump” that is at fault
and has been leaking diesel into the engine. See Recalls below.

A problem of 2.0 TDI PD 140s and 170s is failure of the oil pump. The oil pump is driven from a balancre shaft via a short hexagonal shaft. The peaks of this hexagonal shaft locate in six corresponding but minute grooves machined within the otherwise circular-bored oil pump drive shaft. Thus, the oil pump drive relies entirely on an interference fit of little more than 0.010″ along the peaks of the hexagonal shaft. After about 50,000 miles, the shaft can round off, resulting in a totally destroyed engine and turbo, plus a bill of up to £9,000. If the danger is known and the oil pump is removed by the garage in good time, a new replacement pump will cost over £500, plus the labour etc to remove and refit it. However, it is also possible to save the old pump and modify the drive at a fraction of the cost of a new one. Many local machine shop already have numbers of these pumps in for such rectification, the drive shaft of each having been on the point of rounding off.

Dodgy dealers and unscrupulous private vendors are now unplugging the ECU as no warning then shows on the dash. Replace the plug and the light ‘ECU off’ appears permanently whether you switch it on or off. From Janaury 2012 faulty ESP has been an MoT failure.

Also minor problems with hestitation when pulling away and car very prone to stalling.

On 6-speed twin shaft manuals the gearchange from 1st to 2nd can become still. First stage dealer cure is to replace the transmission oil. If that fails, it needs a synchro ring replacing. So if your box stiffens up, make sure it is attended to before the warranty expires.

22-1-2011: If ESP/ABS amber warning light comes on intermittently and will not re-set, you might not actually have the ATE Teves Mk 60 ABS/ESP problem. First check circuits and start at the ABS fuse and holder (no 9 on a Golf, on scuttle edge by driver door). Pull it out, have a look and if okay replace it. The warning light may then go out. Sometimes they slip out a bit and become wobbly, which is enough to set off the warning.

29-12-2011: Standard problem of piston failures of 1.4TSI with both supercharger and turbocharger seems to be occurring. Not universal. Not sufficiently widespread for every owner to worry.

8-1-2012: Faults reported on a December 2009 Touran (bought July 2010) by January 2012: The accelerator pedal snapped, broken air con pipe, all rear seat belt casings have had to be replaced, both passenger side door hinges have had to be replaced, alternator has had to be replaced, various internal trims have broken. VW has rectified all of the above issues and now when I lock the car the windows open by themselves.

17-1-2012: Clear plastic headlight lenses mist up in cold weather.

2-10-2012: Where fitted with DPFs can have problems when used for rerpeated short runs.

3-4-2013: Alterted to a frustrating and infuriating fault: The heavy rear hatch is supported by two gas struts. They are held to the car body by ball-ended bolts and if the nut drops off the only way to reach the bolt end to put a nut on is to remove the rear body panel (which is also roof, wheelarch and window area), and then refit and re-paint the back of the car. Clearly an expensive job for one bolt to be replace.

25-9-2013: DSG failed on 50k mile 2005 Touran. Quoted £4,600 for replacement. But reader had been getting the car independently serviced and had not changed the transmission fluid and microfilter at the required 4 years.

2-2-2017: Exhaust fumes entering the cabin of a 2008/58 Touran 2.0TDI 170 DSG found to be because the exhaust pipe stops short of the rear of the car and in traffic exhaust fumes can be blown forwards, entering the car via its ventilation system.

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